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Green Brook Township is a township in Somerset County, New Jersey.  As of the 2010 United States Census, the township population was 7,203.  The township has a total area of 4.6 square miles, all of it land and is in Raritan Valley, which contains a line of cities in central New Jersey.  Most of Green Brook shares ZIP code 08812 with Dunellen.

Green Brook was originally created as North Plainfield Township in 1872, from portions of Warren Township.  Portions of the township were taken to form North Plainfield borough (1885) and Watchung (1926).  Green Brook was incorporated as a township by an Act of the New Jersey Legislature in 1931, replacing North Plainfield Township.

Green Brook Township is divided by Route 22 and can be considered as a bedroom community.  South of Route 22 are homes dating back from 20 to 40 years that provide a well-maintained housing selection in welcoming neighborhoods.  North of Route 22 The northern end features more expansive homes on larger lots from two to three acres on hilly terrain generally.  The Route 22 corridor features businesses, commercial establishments, eateries, and fine shops.

The Green Brook School District serves public school students in Kindergarten through eighth grade.  Within the district there are two schools, the Irene E. Feldkirchner Elementary School (grades K-3) and the Green Brook Middle School (grades 4-8).  For the 1998-99 school year, Irene E. Feldkirchner Elementary School was recognized with the Blue Ribbon Award from the United States Department of Education, the highest honor that an American school can achieve.

Green Brook's public school students in grades 9-12 attend public school at Watchung Hills Regional High School in Warren Township, along with students from neighboring communities of Watchung and Warren Township and Long Hill Township. 

Points of interest nearby include--
- Warrenbrook Golf Course, 500 Warrenville Rd., Warren, NJ
- Washington Rock State Park is a 52-acre scenic state park on top the first Watchung Mountain in Green Brook Township.  It commemorates the spot where George Washington and Marquis de Lafayette watched the movement of the British soldiers during the American Revolutionary War, mainly the months of May and June 1777.

Some restaurants in Green Brook include--
- Carrabba's Italian Grill (Italian), 200 US Hwy. Rte. 22 W, Green Brook
- Dynasty Oriental Steak & Seafood Restaurant (Chinese), 100 US Highway 22, Green Brook
- Shogun (Steakhouse, Sushi), 166 Rte. 22, Green Brook

National Register of Historic Places listings include one location in Green Brook--
- Vail-Trust House, 225 Greenbrook Rd.

Green Brook Township has a history that has been heavily influenced by its natural resources and geographic location.  Situated between the "Blue Hills" and Green Brook, the land was sheltered from the cold winter winds by the mountains and blessed with thick forests, fertile soil, and abundant springs. The area offered an ideal habitat for Native Americans, as well as for the early settlers as they moved inland from the coast.

During the Revolutionary War, the mountains above Green Brook Township played an important role in determining the direction of the war - and perhaps even its outcome.  The mountains provided a natural strategic fortress for an occupying force - a fact that was recognized by both General Washington and General Howe.

By holding the mountains, Washington prevented the British from attacking the Continental Army in the spring of 1777, and Washington was able to set the terms of any potential engagement rather than leaving the initiative with Howe.  The mountains of Green Brook Township also provided Washington an observation point for spying on the British troops as well as platform for signaling his troops.

Under Washington's order, Lord Stirling directed that a series of signal beacons be constructed in March of 1779 to warn of British attack.  The beacons played an important role during the Spring of 1780 during the battle of Connecticut Farms and the battle of Springfield.

As a means of transportation, Green Brook was important for both the Native Americans and early settlers since it provided access to the Raritan River and to the Atlantic Ocean.  The early settlers used the brook to move supplies upstream and goods downstream, and they also used the flowing water as a source of power for their lumber mills and gristmills, and later, to power other early industries.

In 1872, a tract of land was subdivided off from Warren Township. Thirteen years later, in 1885, the Borough of North Plainfield was created from a section of the subdivided land.  The land at that time was designated as North Plainfield.

In 1926, the Borough of Watchung was carved out of North Plainfield Township. The remaining land continued until 1932, when the name changed to Green Brook Township.

Green Brook Township took its name from the powerful brook that passes through the township comes from the Watchung Mountains several miles away, feeding many smaller brooks and ponds along the way as it flows in a southwesterly direction for a distance of fifteen miles. It then continues southwestward and flows into the Raritan River at the town of Bound Brook NJ.

During the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, the area between the brook and the mountains became one of the main corridors for railroads and highways connecting New York and Pennsylvania.  As the traffic through the corridor expanded, Green Brook Township developed from a quiet farming community into the suburban community of today.

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