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Britt & Sean Dixon

Purchased in East Amwell, NJ

For context, this review is not a short, obligatory statement touting some highlights of the work Wayne and Kathi did with and for us. This is a well-earned review written by two high-maintenance home buyers who took MONTHS just to find the right home, and then insisted on choosing a completely inept mortgage broker (Garden State Home Loans, NOT recommended by Wayne and Kathi) that delayed the process another three months. It was through Wayne and Kathi’s work that we still came out in the end with our
dream home.

We were first time buyers browsing online for homes without much luck when we stumbled across a property for which Wayne was listed as the realtor. Although we did not wind up purchasing that home, we got along well with Wayne and agreed to keep in contact with him as he updated us on new listings as they came to him. 

To our delight, our agent was, in fact, two agents: Wayne and his wife, Kathi. By working with Wayne and Kathi, we had two knowledgeable agents that were dedicated to our interests. I’m sure anyone who has purchased or sold a home is well aware of the nightmare it can be simply to schedule a basic meeting or inspection, and effectively having two agents working together made
this phenomenally easier. For the next four months (it took a while due to our own work, travel schedules, and pickiness), Wayne and Kathi accompanied us to more than a dozen homes (it got hard to count!), both from their lists and from homes we had found online. Unfamiliar with the process, my husband and I felt badly asking them to repeatedly see homes with us that we rejected time after time. Their response was simple and reassuring: “You are not looking for a sweater. This is a home and you need to be in love with it because you will live in it for years to come. We’re not settling, so we’ll just keep looking until we find The One.” They were never
pushy and we never felt any pressure with them at any time. Despite these reassurances, though, we were beginning to feel discouraged in our own choices and requirements. We thought what we wanted simply didn’t exist (a modern home on at least 1 acre, in a “ruralish” area with a reasonable commute for both of us). To prove to us that it did, they suggested we see a home that was a little bit beyond our price range, just so that we could get an idea of what else was out there. They felt it had everything we were looking for, but were sensitive to the fact that they were suggesting something a little out of our range. We didn’t feel any pressure from them and agreed to view this house. 

We fell instantly IN LOVE with it. Wayne and Kathi knew our tastes perfectly and nailed EXACTLY what we had been looking for. After
negotiating with the sellers, we found we could afford our dream home and we couldn’t have been happier. 

We began working with Garden State Loans at the end of August 2015 to purchase the home but were unable to close until three days before Thanksgiving, due in large part to the nightmarish experience we had with this mortgage broker. Throughout those three months, Wayne and Kathi stayed available, engaged, and supportive. They were knowledgeable on almost all matters from heating systems, to well water, to alternative mortgage brokers, to VA requirements and if they didn’t have the information we needed, they did their own independent research to guide us. They had recommendations for multiple services including inspectors, lenders, and attorneys, but never pushed their own interests and were amenable when we preferred to chooses our own. They were available from morning to night, starting with emails back and forth with us to afternoon appointments with inspectors, to evening conference calls which they organized and led with us, the sellers, and the VA. They worked tirelessly weekdays, weekends, and holidays and always made it a point to protect our interests. Through their encouragement and recommendation the sellers agreed to a 2-year home warranty in response to concerns we had over an older heating system in the home. 

During one particularly difficult period for us, the VA demanded an inspection within an impossible time-frame. Wayne and Kathi had a company on hand that could offer us 3-day rushed results when everyone else would take a week and Kathi was on the phone with me past 9:30 PM that night as we tried to meet deadlines that seemed put in place for us to fail. 

The sellers had been working with us throughout this process as well, but they eventually grew frustrated (understandably!) with Garden State Loans and we found ourselves on the brink of losing our dream home. Wayne and Kathi stayed by our side through this as well. Wayne composed a letter advocating for us to the sellers in which he laid out all of the effort we had put in to making the process go as smoothly as possible (some of which we had forgotten about!) and he and Kathi worked with us and the sellers to help us arrange last-minute alternate financing. This saved the deal and allowed us to finally close. 

We have been in our home for a little less than two months and we are happier every morning that we wake up in it. We are so lucky that we had Wayne and Kathi on our side and the fact that we are here is a testament to their dedication to our wants and needs, coupled with their own experience, knowledge, and work ethic. We are immensely grateful for all they’ve done, evidenced in the paragraphs above, and despite their impeccable abilities, we genuinely hope no one else will ever have to put them through what we did! We continue to be in contact with them to this day and they have assured us that, beyond friendly communication, if we have any questions they can answer that they are happy to do so. We simply cannot recommend them highly enough. Thank you, Wayne and Kathi!!

Ronald Perry — 5 star
Ron was the seller for who I listed his parents Estate property on New Road in Hopewell Township. Referred to me by John E. Lanza, Estate attorney.

“Diane and I appreciated and were so grateful for all you had done on our behalf in selling my parent’s estate, and, more importantly, the advice and counsel you had given us to smooth the waters leading up to the sale. We certainly learned a lot regarding what it takes to sell a home, particularly all the testing and inspection processes that needed to take place before occupancy. In addition, you always made yourself available whenever we had a question regarding the sale of the estate, and to cover for us when others needed access to the house during those times we were not available. Last, it was comforting that you were sitting across from me at the table during closing. Knowing you just arrived after the final walkthrough with the final OK meant a lot to me.
Diane and I wish you continued success at Weidel Realtors! Without question, we will call you first thing if we require additional services from a realtor. And without question, your name will be the first spoken when others need assistance to sell their home or property.”

Chris Todd — 5 star
Referred to me by John E. Lanza, Estate attorney.

“Wayne helped my family out in a very difficult time of need - my father had passed, and my mother was suffering from Alzheimer's. We needed to sell their house quickly to get my mom the care she needed. 
Wayne was beyond thorough, sensitive, and cared about us like a member of the family during our difficult time. His awesome humor helped the difficult times, and his consummate professionalism took care of every step of the sale. 
At the end of the sale, I felt he was more like an uncle than my Realtor. We couldn't have made it through without him. He's a true honest family man with impeccable ethics. 
I'm a pretty critical guy - but I would never, for a second, ever hesitate to recommend Wayne wholeheartedly. 
He's simply a sharp Realtor and a good person. You can't go wrong. I will gladly speak to anyone about my experiences with Wayne and truly feel he is one of the best at his trade, hands down.”

Virginia Baccus — 5 star
Virginia opened her barber shop business on Church Street in Lambertville.

Paul & Noemi Keller

Purchased 220 S. Sugan in New Hope in 2011
"Wayne Smith was AMAZING! He was professional, courteous, always in good spirits and attentive. We could not have asked for more. We will never be able to say enough positive things about Wayne. It was truly a pleasure to house hunt with him. Always there, but not pushy. Always knowledgeable, but with no agenda. Always full of ideas about places to see, but in no rush. It was a great experience, and we're thrilled with the result. Thank you Wayne." Paul, Noemi and Matte Keller

Laura Moore

Laura purchased a home on Paxson in Hamilton in 2010
"Mark and I would like to offer our heart full thanks to you in helping with the process of purchasing our new beautiful home. You were outstanding and very helpful through a very stressful time. We appreciate all your help and kindness, and will be sure to recommend you to all of our friends and family in the future. We have already painted all the bedrooms and have taken down all of the wallpaper, and yes - the light fixture In the kitchen has been replaced with a ceiling fan!" Laura Moore


Vince Amico
"Wayne's the 'go-to' guy for those unique and hard to sell properties. I've dealt with him on 3 listings. My business, my home and my ex-wife's farm. The business and farm were listed by others for over a year before I met up with him. He sold the business and had multiple offers on the 167 acre farm in a matter of just a few months. He also brought a successful buyer to my sister-in-laws 150 acre farm, all within the same time period." Vince Amico


John & Sally
"Wayne Smith provided exceptional service throughout the process. He also went 'above and beyond' in terms of support to us through a challenging relocation process. Would highly recommend his services to others." Sally and John Schimelpfenig


Rick & Bettina
Wayne Smith is an extremely motivated, personable professional. I think the highest recommendation I could give him would be introducing him to my mother to sell her home. You are lucky to have him!!" Rick & Bettina Borwegen

Victor & Mary DelGuidice
Hi Wayne,
Just a word of thanks for all your help with the closing of the Lake House. Your help, knowledge, recommendations were all so very helpful.
We can now return to our search for a new home. As in the past I would not consider using anyone but you. Your professionalism is unmatched in the industry. In my 25 years with Citicorp Real Estate I have never met anyone that represents their client as you do. Constantly going the extra mile, always a smile, always being the ultimate professional. You are head and shoulders above.
Once again our heartfelt thanks.



“We selected Wayne to sell my father's house after he passed away. Wayne was a complete professional, guiding us through the whole process of listing and selling the property. When Hurricane Sandy came through New Jersey, Wayne stopped by the property to check on the house and on my step mother who was still living there at the time. When he found there was no power to the house, Wayne went out of his way to take her to her brother's house, since she did not drive and had no way to contact her brother since the phones were also out.
The house sold very quickly and for more than we expected. We were very happy with everything Wayne did through the whole process.”


Gary Older

Wayne Smith

Wayne Smith

Sales Associate:CMRS, Relocation Certified
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