Home Buying - Step 3 of 7

Home Buying - Step 3 of 7
You can save yourself time and heartache by meeting with a lender before you start your search for a home. 

Step 3: Get pre-qualified or pre-approved by a lender
A lender can let you know what specific loan programs are best for you and help you to understand what it takes to qualify for the loan. By taking a look at your financial situation and looking at your credit history, a lender can give you a good idea of the loan amount in which you qualify for. Many lenders call this process “pre-qualifying the buyer.”

To make certain that you can be approved for a loan, you may want to be “pre-approved.” In the approval process, all of your documentation is completed and submitted to an underwriter often before you find the home you want to purchase. The pre-approval that you will receive is an actual loan commitment from a lender – your guarantee of loan approval. 

Ask your lender to explain the differences and to discuss limits and obligations under both the “pre-qualifying” and “pre-approval” process. 
In coming days, we will follow up with another email that explains Step 4: Find a Good Real Estate Agent to Help You. (That's an easy one!) 

Contact us if you would like to discuss your options for lenders and lending programs. And if 
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