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My name is Luisa Cruz. When I was 15, instead of a Quinceañero, my parents gave me full reign in remodeling the bedroom I shared with my sister. From that time, my love for decorating and remodeling began.


 In college, my roommate would laugh at how I would stack a couple of boxes and drape them in a pretty fabric or sheet (whatever I had on hand) to make a TV Stand. Even during those times of student financial strain, I tried to use what I had or could purchase at an affordable price to make my surroundings beautiful and comfortable.


 After college I started working for major banks in the mortgage industry. These days, I am a mom of four and sell real estate in New Jersey. I have been working in Real Estate and Morgage Baking for over 12 years. I have combined my banking/mortgage experience and my love for design to cater to my clients. I specialize in distressed properties- those that are in danger of being repossessed by banks. I help sellers sell their home before the banks foreclose on them, and I sell them to investors in the area for a great price. They will then repair and remodel the home, with my help, and put it back on the market as a brand new home to sell at top dollar.

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