Raising the Bar

Real Estate is so customer oriented.  As a professionals, it is our obligation to work tirelessly to provide the best customer service we can.  As we fall into the routine of what we do, it is so easy to take for granted that our clientr- be it buyer or seller, just knows what to do.  But we must not fall into that trap.

As a buyer representative, I am sure to give all my buyers an initial buyer consultation.  This 1 hour meeting set's the footprint for the journey we are about embark.  It is during this time that we discuss needs versus wants. In addition, I provde a worth while package of information that they can refer to about the home sale process and about things to look for in their new home.  I have found that this initial consultation is very worth while to my customer and also to me as their representative.  I learn a lot about them and abot how I can assist them better.  All along the way, it is important to keep them updated with market news.

As a seller representative, I am sure to guide my clients all along.  Constant communication is key for the seller.  I text, call, email touch base constantly making sure they understand exactly what is going on. Provide market news as well.  Your seller should know what new competiion their property has, and also what properties have been sold around them.  Providing this information will enable them to not only be in the market- but to understand the market and it's trends.

Whether representing a buyer or seller- remember this process, buying or selling,  can be very daunting to the client.  This is not an every day task for them, as it may be for us.  Assume they know nothing and this way no stone is left untrurned.  Provide excellent communication. Give frequent updates- even if there is no update. 

Raise the bar- and remember to bring your level of service up a notch.  Your clients will love you for it- an you can rest easy knowing you have provided the BEST customer service posible!

Lauren Orsini

Lauren Orsini

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