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Ok- so I am showing one of my clients a very special property being marketed in the Caldwells. When we arrive there is an agent already inside.  I politely wait outside and give the other agent the courtesy of a private showing.  The agent then comes to the door, and says, "We are done and you can come in"..  I ask the agent , "Are you sure?", and she replies with a gentle, "Yes, come in ".  

Upon entering the home, I see the agent and her young couple clients and relaxing inthe living room along with their parents and children. This is a family affair.  It is apparent that these people really like the home.  We quietly enter the home, and momentarily after, the agent and her large group of people leave the property and continue their discussion outside.

About 2 minutes later, as I am showing my client the kitchen, I see another agent and their 2 clients walk into the property- unannounced-  and they begin to show the property. I was a little taken aback, because in my world, I wouldn't step on any agents toes while they were having a private showing.  I didn't say anything to the agent, but continued on my way showing the property, instructing my client to NOT say anything aloud or within ear shot of the other agent or clients.  


We head into the basment and as we emerge, I look up to find yet another agent in the home!  I have to admit, I was taken aback again, and thought to myself, "Where has the ettiquette gone?"  Apparently, not everyone follows the same rules I do. 

See, I feel during an openhouse where the listing agent or associate is monitoring the home, agents should be able to walk freely amongs the visitors.  However, if I have arranged a "private showing" for my clients, then other agents should respect that time and politely and respectfully wait outside.  It is not only considerate to me, but considerate to my clients.  Perhaps those same agents that invade my showing,  don't see the value of "private showings".  I would think they would want the same courtesy extended to them.

I decided to write about this becasue I think that this business is a dog eat dog business. There are so many rules and practices that we as agents should adhere to- and one of them is the golden rule- do to others as you wouldlike done unto you.  It seems like this isn't something that shoudl be taught- but innate.

If at the end of the day- and agent continues to invade other agents showings, perhaps it is because they do not understand the value or importance of giving their client the opportunity to view a potential investment or new home without the ears of a competing buyer.  And to me that is sad.  I explainto my clients, there are agents and then there are AGENTS.  Who do you want represnting you?  One who looks after your best interests or one that doesn't think past the box and just goes on a whim...  I know who I'd pick!

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