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Easily one of the most beautiful locations in the area, Berkeley Heights real estate is in high demand, and for good reason. It's the ideal community for everyone from those looking to raise a family to individuals who wish to retire here.

  1. It was named to Money Magazine's 2007 list of 100 Best Places to Live. Ranked on a variety of things including its school system, the number of community events held, and the sense of community among other things, it's an honor that simply cannot be ignored for this little town.

  2. It plays host to an extensive park system that not only encourages family friendly activities, but also community participation on a greater level. The largest park in the area is Columbia Park which includes a number of tennis courts, baseball fields, and basketball courts as well as park equipment for kids. The area is also home to three pools, the Watchung Reservation, and Passaic Valley Park.

  3. Among many other things to do, every year, Berkeley Heights holds a Winter Festival for area residents. Featuring exactly the kind of community interaction you'd expect in an area this size, there are all sorts of fun activities for the whole family including sledding, ice skating, a bonfire, and enough hot chocolate to go around.

  4. Berkeley Heights is home to the Governor Livingston Highlander Band, a nationally ranked competition band which includes bagpipers. The Highlanders are the 2008 Atlantic Coast Champions.

General Information

Berkeley Heights New Jersey is home to over 13,000 residents and covers a land area of 6.3 square miles in Union County. Berkley Heights is located 10 miles from Edison, 18 miles from Newark, and 35 miles from New York, NY.

Berkeley Heights began in an area that is now part of the 1,960-acre Watchung Reservation, a Union County park that includes 305 acres of the township. In 1793, a regional government was formed. It encompassed the area from present-day Springfield, Summit, New Providence, and Berkeley Heights, and was called Springfield Township. Growth continued in the area, and by 1809, Springfield Township divided into Springfield Township and New Providence Township. New Providence Township included Summit, New Providence, and Berkeley Heights.

Today Berkeley Heights is nestled in the Watchung Mountains, a community of comfortable homes, quiet tree lined streets, which provides the ideal setting for raising a family and enjoying life. The Berkeley Heights Public School District is an excellent school system consisting of 4 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 High School.

Residents enjoy spacious parks and outstanding recreational programs for all ages. Berkeley Heights is an easy commute by train to New York City for work or play and provides access to other locations by nearby major highways.

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First settled in 1710, this gorgeous area covers less than three square miles. Within such a small space, however, rests a township like no other. Not only is it small enough to encourage pedestrian and bike traffic at every turn, it also incorporates a strong community vibe into every aspect of the area. Here are just a few things you may want to consider as you try to decide whether Chatham real estate is right for you.

  • In 2005, Chatham was named one of Money Magazine's Top Ten Places to Live. Factors in the award included property values, available recreation, and the sense of community, much of which has remained the same since the award.

  • Chatham is home to some of the biggest companies in America including AT&T, Prudential, and Nabisco. Not only does this mean that there are some great jobs nearby, it also means that some of the most talented executives in the country buy Chatham real estate on a regular basis.

  • Chatham has much to offer in the way of outdoor recreation. Committed to both the development and implementation of programs for all residents, you can find everything from a softball team to a skate park to a senior services center in the area.

A quiet and carefully developed set of communities, Chatham Township is looked at by many as an ideal place to live. The sheer proximity of Chatham real estate to New York City makes it an easy commute for those whose business is in the city, while the small town feel and the large space allow for a bit of breathing room. Interested in learning a bit more before you make a final decision on Chatham real estate? Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions about the area?

I hear the history of the area is quite interesting. Why?
The town was actually created by a melting glacier. When the Wisconsin glacier melted more than 20,000 years ago, it formed Lake Passaic. The land that encompasses most of the Chatham Township real estate was at the bottom of the lake. As the water receded and the land became habitable, the natural beauty of Chatham was left behind. All of these events, however, occurred only six or seven thousand years ago.

Why is Chatham such a good place to live?
Most residents consider it a great community for several reasons. Chatham real estate is highly desirable not because of its history (that just makes it interesting) but because of the close proximity to New York City and thanks to sense of community created by every aspect of the area. The shopping is much better than those who have never seen the area are led to believe. Due to the closeness of New York City, most believe that they will need to leave their homes and to travel to the much larger city in order to buy items. This, however, isn't true, as there are a number of excellent shopping facilities that are very close to a great deal of open Chatham Township real estate. Moreover, however, the school system is one of the best in the state. Thanks to the cultural opportunities that are open to students due to immediacy of New York City, students can learn a vast amount about the world that surrounds them. Chatham realtors are very knowledgeable with helping those who are moving into the area to understand where the district lines are, but because all of the schools earn such high marks from both state and national ranking boards, parents have little to worry about.

Fortunately, we're not the only ones who think so highly of the area. It was voted one of the top ten places to live in the United States in 2005. Money Magazine listed Chatham Township real estate as some of the most desirable thanks to the homes, shopping facilities, available schooling, and close proximity to New York City. Once this was announced, Chatham realtors became extremely busy and still are today!

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Often dubbed "The Rose City," Madison NJ real estate has some of the best properties around. Just fifteen miles from Times Square, the town is home to nearly 17,000 people. Offering some of the best public resources of any community in the area, this is certainly an area you may want to think about in your search for the right home. Still not convinced? These factoids may change your mind.

  • Madison has one of the busiest business districts of any community in the area. The Giralda Farms office development is home to the corporate headquarters of the Atlantic Mutual Insurance Company, Maersk Lines, Quest Diagnostics, and Wyeth.

  • Madison has a strong foundation in academia as it is home to both Drew University and Fairleigh Dickinson University. Drew offers undergraduate programs in 27 different academic areas and graduate education programs as well, nearly three thousand students attend each year. Fairly Dickinson is home to over 2,200 undergraduate and 1,500 graduate students.

  • Madison is a hotbed of cultural references. Not only have a number of movies and television shows chosen to film scenes in and around Madison, but it is also home to a number of notable residents including Geraldine R. Dodge, Janeane Garofalo, and Tucker Carlson.

General Information

Madison borough is just southeast of Morris County, New Jersey, and a scant fifteen miles west of Times Square. Connected to five other municipalities, including Florham Park, Harding, Chatham, Morris, and Summit, those who call Madison realtors are looking to live in the area for its wonderful school system and beautiful city.

Today's Madison
Madison real estate is owned by many different people from all walks of life. The population of the city is around 16,000 people, and while most of the area is devoted to single family housing, there are plenty of stores and restaurants to allow those who live in the city to not have to travel very far for their amusements.

The Area
Thanks to its close proximity with many larger cities, including New York City, Madison realtors are often found selling homes to those who want to work in the city without having to live in it.

The neighborhoods offer a wide array of different type of Madison real estate, including residential areas that feature neighborhood parks and tree lined streets, as well as those areas which are closer to the train area (which is often an easier place to live for those who commute).

The Schools
Those who move into the area are astounded by the strong public school system. This system focuses on maintaining small class sizes while still offering a broad curriculum for their students. There are three elementary schools in the city, one junior high school, and a high school which is not only attended by students from Madison but also by those from Harding Township. A parochial elementary school, St. Vincent Martyr Church, is also located in the city limits.

Those living in the city who are looking for recreation do not have to look very far. Madison is home to a thriving central business district which features a wide array of different stores, from chic to casual, and many types of restaurants, including haute cuisine as well as restaurants that serve more classic dishes. The city is also home of the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey and the Playwright's Theater of New Jersey, allowing those who live in the city to enjoy not only shopping and dining, but fine theater as well.

As exciting as the city is today, it also holds a very interesting history.

The Beginning
Madison began when the Wisconsin Glacier came through the area over 10,000 years ago. The glacier left gouges and hills and Lake Passaic, once the ice melted. The lake eventually dried out and started to disappear from the higher elevations, but interestingly enough it's easy to see where the glacier did its damage to Madison. Around the area, residents can easily see places where chunks of ice were left behind to melt. Because of the ridge that was left behind by the glacier, a natural route was formed in the Watchung Mountains, allowing the Lenape Indians to pass along and through the area easily, and establishing what became Main Street.

The History
In 1715, settlers from Europe began splitting up Madison real estate and moving in. Many houses were built in the 1730's and a few still exist, including the Luke Miller House. The growth of the area was slow, but steady, until after the Civil War. It was after that time when the local access to the railroad made it easy for those living in the community to send farm produce to the south, and later the railroad allowed for transportation of the roses for that flourishing industry, giving the city its nickname "The Rose City". Sooner rather than later, the lines were used as commuter lines, giving America its first commuter railroads and helping to establish a thriving suburb of the city.

Thanks to the rose industry, and the large parcels of Madison real estate that were available for purchase, the area began to attract people from all walks of live. Because of this, the city developed a deeply varied population, allowing it to be much more self-sufficient and diverse than most other areas. People from all walks of life and all parts of the world lived in the town, including those from France, England, Ireland, Italy, Germany, and Africa.

The city of Madison has a great deal going for it; from its interesting history to its beautiful parks and streets as well as its thriving businesses. While it is the close commute to larger cities that pulls people into speaking with Madison realtors, it is the wide array of people and things that can be found in the city that make help them choose Madison real estate over other options in the nearby area.

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New Providence

A community wholly focused on its residents, New Providence is home to 12,000 citizens. Encompassing just 3.7 square miles of land, New Providence real estate is easily some of the most picturesque. Initially created in 1720, the area is steeped in history. The ideal place to raise a family, you might want to know a bit more as you get ready to buy New Providence real estate.

  • The area is home to many recreational facilities including an ice rink, eight baseball fields, eight tennis courts, three playgrounds, and two different Olympic size pools. There are many workshops, sports clinics, and summer programs throughout the year.

  • As important as residents are to New Providence, it also hosts the corporate headquarters of several companies including C.R. Bard, Reed International, and Lucent Technologies. It's also the ideal place to start a small business. In close proximity to a number of other areas including New York, you'll have access to everything you need.

  • The New Providence Memorial Library is one of the most impressive facilities in the area. Host of nearly 70,000 volumes as well as a number of great programs and services, it's the ideal place to spend a rainy afternoon.

  • New Providence has two train stations offering service to Hoboken as well as NY Penn Station making it a popular town for commuters.

General Information

Thinking about New Providence real estate? Rich in both history and culture, it's really the ideal community.

The Location
It is the location of the city which draws people to search for New Providence realtors. Just 15 miles south of Newark and less than 30 miles south of New York City, it's an easy commute to two major locations, and thanks to the state's amazing infrastructure, traveling between the cities is a simple matter. Just jump on a train at one of the two train stations and those who live in the area can get wherever they'd like to go quickly and easily. Much of New Providence real estate is also very close to I-78, lending for easy access to the New Jersey Turnpike, Newark International Airport, and the Garden State Parkway.

The Community
The community of New Providence is small; most citizens live in single family homes or condominiums. However, thanks to the many corporate business who have decided create business parks on New Providence real estate, there are multiple job opportunities available in the area.

The city has a thriving recreation department which has programs for children as well as for adults. The city itself has three playgrounds, eight ball fields, eight tennis courts, and even an ice skating rink. There are also two Olympic size pools that are available for those who live in the city.

The History
The city has a very rich history that can be traced all of the way back to 1664 when it was purchased from the Native Americans who lived there by James, the Duke of York, who also happened to be brother to King Charles II. It was not, however, until 1720 when the first settlers took space in New Providence real estate, and in 1773 the first church was formed and became the backbone of the settlement.

Why is it called New Providence? The name came about in 1759. As more people began to flock to New Providence real estate, more began to frequent the churches in the area. One particular church balcony was flooded with people after a worship service and quickly collapsed. Unbelievably, no one was injured seriously. The incident, however, caused citizens to call the near-tragedy a divine act of providence. The name soon changed to New Providence.

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Short Hills / Millburn

One of the most popular towns in the areas for commuters, Short Hills real estate is not only beautiful, but full of amenities as well. An unincorporated area within the Millburn Township, approximately twenty thousand residents live in the area. Want to know why? Here are just a few of the reasons.

  • Located right on the mid town direct line, it is an easy commute from the city offering two train stations with service to Hoboken and NY Penn Station. Not only does this mean that you have access to some of the best jobs in the world, but it also puts all of the great things about New York within easy reach while allowing you to live in a smaller community.

  • Some of the best shopping in the area is in Short Hills including the world class Mall at Short Hills. Thanks to the close proximity of the city and the low cost of doing business in New Jersey, you'll find a unique shopping environment that allows you to get exactly what you're looking for at great prices.

  • Recreation facilities near most Short Hills real estate properties include a number of baseball fields, tennis and basketball courts, playgrounds, a pool, and a golf course. There are hundreds of programs and services offered throughout the year, making this a great area to raise a family.

General Information

Known as a beautiful residential community, the town of Short Hills is located in the southwest corner of Essex County. An interesting and colorful history have led to the development of an innovative community with beautiful real estate and highly ranked schools. As you decide whether Short Hills real estate is right for you, though, you may want to take a look back at the past.

The History
In 1664, the land that soon became Short Hills was given to James, the brother of King Charles II. It wasn't until 1793, however, that Springfield township was created. The interesting shape of the area was thanks to the glacier that melted and created a deposit of sand, silt, clay, and boulders over the land that was already there, thus forming the hummocks that the area draws its name from.

The history of the area is, indeed, extremely colorful. George Washington actually used the small hills on the South Mountain Reservation, which is now known as Washington Rock, to get a good look at the troops. After the Revolution, the Rahway river was dammed in five places, creating mill ponds, thus changing the landscape of the town. Businesses began looking for Short Hills real estate around those ponds so that they could produce products, but it was Samuel Campbell who had the honor of making the first paper mill in 1790, making his fortune creating bank notes.

Most of the industry located on Short Hills real estate in those early days were paper mills, including the Diamond Mill, which is known now as the Paper Mill Playhouse. It was in 1835, however, when the railroad was completed, that the city was linked to so many big cities, thus making it a popular suburban destination for many.

Short Hills Today
Today the city is one that Short Hills realtors love to promote for several reasons. First, it has an excellent school system. New Jersey Magazine has ranked the school system among the top three school districts in the entire state, which is perhaps why many parents look so highly at the possibility of getting a hold of Short Hills real estate. The schools are known as some of the most academically challenging in the country, and the high school offers advanced placement courses to students as well dual credit courses, offering them more opportunity than many other educational facilities in the area.

Those looking for recreation programs can find an extensive network thanks to the recreation department which works tirelessly to ensure many opportunities are available on a year round basis. Those who own Short Hills real estate can also find many fine restaurants, a movie theater, a par 3 golf course, and even a bird sanctuary.

Perhaps more importantly, though, those who are looking to do some shopping can enjoy the Fifth Avenue shopping that is available at the Mall of Short Hills, which is only a very short drive away from many highly desirable Short Hills real estate areas.

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Home to just over twenty thousand residents, Summit, New Jersey, is not only a popular area, but a beautiful one as well. One of the most multi-cultural communities in the area, it is a transportation hub as well as the ideal place to buy a home. Growing faster than many other areas, if you're thinking about Summit NJ real estate, you may want to consider its benefits.

  • In 2000, the city's business district got an infrastructure upgrade. Because Summit understands the importance of small businesses, they widened sidewalks, upgraded wiring, created new space for outdoor markets and special events, and improved landscaping across the board. Home to some of the best retail and commercial businesses in the state, if you're thinking of opening a small business, this is the place to consider.

  • Recreation for everyone is a priority. Summit is home to lots of baseball, football, and soccer fields as well as a number of basketball and tennis courts. Additionally, it hosts a track, a golf course, and several parks including Briant Park part of the Union County Parks System. Briant Park features a pond and a 1.1 mile paved path and was designed by the Olmstead Brothers who designed Central Park in Manhattan. Summit is also home to the Summit Family Aquatic Center. A facility that recently had a million dollar face lift and now includes a dive tank, two slides, a sand volley ball court and hosts many family friendly activities throughout the summer months. With hundreds of programs and events offered to residents free of charge every year, you'll find the excitement and sense of community you need when you choose Summit.

  • Summit is home to a number of historic places including the famed Summit Diner, Newman Hall, Twin Maples, and the Summit Opera House.

General Information

In 1873, as the railroad expanded west and reached the top of Watchung Mountain, a small development at the top was christened "The Summit." Later shortened to Summit, the area is still one of the most beautiful, and Summit NJ real estate offers views of the state of New Jersey from an amazing 450 ft elevation. With an extensive, interesting history, many choose the town each year for a number of reasons.

Early Beginnings
While history isn't often the reason most people contact a Summit NJ realtor, it may help you understand what makes the town so special.

The first real settlers of Summit were the Leni-Lenape Indians, but the area was actually taken twice: once by the Dutch and once by the English. It wasn't until the 1800's, however, that Summit real estate became high popularly. Almost overnight, people began to realize how delicious the mountain air was. The mineral waters that flowed from the mountain served as a call to thousands of residents, and people began leaving the hustle and bustle of New York City in order to enjoy the beautiful and abundant Summit real estate.

It is believed that the Dutch and English settlers actually purchased the area from the Native Americans for cloth, coats, guns, lead, and some gun powder - certainly a great deal cheaper than Summit real estate goes for in today's market! The Puritan heritage of the people who occupied the land brought many great things, including people carpenters to build beautiful, historic homes and those who were able to grow and mill wheat and corn. Thanks to the Passaic River, the settlers always had fresh fish, and as a result of the abundance in the area, the population increased quickly.

The town, however, was connected to New Providence until 1869. At that point, however, that it separated itself and finally became known as Summit.

The town became known as a cozy farming community until about 1837, when Summit real estate became quasi-commercial. After the Civil War it became a summer resort area, thanks to the beautiful view, the clean air, and the deliciously clean water. Of course the close proximity to New York City helped as well.

Today's Summit
While the town has stayed true to its roots, it has, however, grown enough to become a part of the times. Now the town is known as being a family-oriented residential community. While there is some light industry, Summit realtors primarily focus on finding space for the many families who want to live in the community. Thanks to the dedication of its residents, the community has a deep rooted and serious civic backbone, allowing those who own Summit real estate to truly become part of the community.

It was the first city to bury utility wires underground, and in 2000, the entire business district underwent a complete change, making it more beautiful to look at and easier to use. There are a number of spaces for markets and an extensive network of sidewalks, so the area is quite pedestrian friendly. Moreover, Summit NJ realtors are always raving about how clean the town is.

While Summit has a rich history, its future looks even brighter.

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