Getting your home ready!!

I found someone who can help sell your home or just help you redesign

Getting Your Home Ready

In today's economy there are less and less people that can afford assistance in home design, redesign and staging or just picking out a color of paint.
Harmonizing Homes is introducing " design on line" as an added feature. The purpose of this added service is to assist people that need to sell their homes but do not know the process, nor have the time to put a plan together for implementation. Along those same lines....some people know they need to do something but do not know where to start. Harmonizing Homes will help these client through a series of photographs that are taken by the home owner accompanied with the dimensions of all four walls and ceiling heights. Harmonizing Homes will be able to to determine by the photographs and some interaction via email.... what should be done immediately to market their homes. Harmonizing Homes will also assist those homeowners that may want a bit of a change for the holidays....but they do not know where to start...Thinking about painting....but not sure of what colors to choose....Harmonizing Homes will be able to suggest some colors to complement the adjoining rooms....
  • Redesign
  • Design
  • Downsizing
  • Staging ( Home marketing)
  • Getting ready for the holidays!!
So send us a email....we can discuss your situation...prior to commitment! So if you are willing to do this...........

We can help!!!!!
Wishing you all the very best!
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I created Harmonizing Homes to make style accessible to everyone, regardless of budget. Living spaces should reflect the personality of the owner, and each project is a collaboration that results in a unique style fitting the client and their lifestyle. My eye for design developed at an early age, and over the years I've consulted with colleagues, friends, and families about how to stylize their interior environment with a few simple tips and tricks. I'm happy to offer my skills through Harmonizing Homes
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