Spending a day In Livingston, NJ............Welcome!

Welcome to town! So, you have a day off, the children are in school, and you are going to spend the next several hours relaxing, and exploring your new town. Here is a possible  day in the life of a Livingstonite!!


You decide to start the day off with a healthy breakfast at the popular, and highly reviewed Ritz Diner - order their famous German apple pancakes and enjoy every bite (well - apples ARE healthy!)...sip your coffee while reading the West Essex Tribune (the town paper) and catch up on all the week's comings and goings. OK, breakfast is over - why not walk off all those calories and take a stroll around the  Livingston Town Center (filled with shops, restaurants, brick town homes and 1 floor units in an elevator building) - it's only a short walk away...... you can window shop and see what the upscale boutiques are offering..

Well, shopping can be exhausting, so, after crossing the street and window shopping some more, have a seat at Starbucks. Sit outside, and watch the people and cars go by.  After being rejuvenated by the coffee, take the short drive down Livingston Avenue, and visit the mini malls along the way - all filled with interesting boutiques and stores.....jewelry stores abound, too, so take your pick!

Livingston Town Center                                  Exciting  Town Center - NY bus stops across the street! Lots of stores, boutiques, restaurants and elegant housing to choose from!                                                                      

Just down the road, pull into the area in front of the high school. Park and take a power walk  (one lap = 1/2 mile) around the "oval" (rain or shine, you will always find some "walkers"!). While there, visit the amazing Livingston Public  Library, and pick up a best seller.

Good news - it's time for lunch! So many places, so little time! From Livingston Bagel to Seymour's to Nana's Deli, to Eppes Essen Deli or the Landmark Tavern ( a REAL Livingston landmark!),  you won't be at a loss for choices. If you have a membership, a visit to the NY Sport's Club, or YMCA for a workout might be in order to work off lunch. If exercising isn't on your agenda, there's always the Livingston Mall ( with a large Barnes and Noble bookstore) - with Macy's, Lord and Taylor and Sears as the anchor stores - well, shopping IS exercise, too! ( If that's not enough shopping for you, there's always the Mall at Short Hills, only a 10 min. drive away).

Would the day be complete without a little pampering??  How about a stop for a massage, or to have your nails or hair done? Here again, Livingston has much to offer. Antonios, Midtown Salon,  Lucios or Dieci Salon offer spa, hair, make up and nail services. There are a number of nail salons along the avenue, too. Relax, and enjoy - you deserve it!

Ok, the day is winding down, you've exercised, eaten, shopped, and relaxed, but reality setting in - time to drop in at the local grocery store for a few items ( there are 2 to choose from - Kings, Shop Rite   - there's also a Whole Foods store and Trader Joes 15 min. away). Home at last, groceries put away - time to take a nap! After all, it's been an exhausting day!!! But, before curling up on the couch and snoozing (or reading that book you picked up from the library) - there's an important decision to make - where to go for DINNER???

The choices within town are limitless! Pick a country or cuisine!  From the newer Fan Bistro for high-end Chinese, to Thavma (Greek) or Lithos, to sushi & Japanese places such as Zen and Dozo ...... to various Italian eateries - Pizetta Enotecca (great contemporary feel & bar), Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, to BYOB places such as Anthony Mara's Italian eatery,  Cocco Bello, Il RiPasso (stop by Wine Legends or Bottle King for that bottle of wine to go along with dinner!!)  or another Livingston institution  - Nero's Grille (not BYOB), which can satisfy that yen for a steak or huge shrimp cocktail - the trendy Marble and Moxie in the elegant Westminster Hotel is another high-end steak place, too. There's even a Kosher restaurant, as well - Jerusalem Pizza!!  The choices are plentiful and seemingly limitless! And.......if you're too tired to cook or go out - order in!  There are tons of places to choose from, that deliver, too.

Whether it's a  custom gown (ABS Designs) or maternity clothes (Destination Maternity), trendy clothes at In The Pink, a book or diamond ring, a silver bracelet or an upscale consignment store (Duet)....from fresh flowers (Norman's Florist) to fresh fruit Edible Arrangements....elegant men's clothing (Sam's)..from fun jewelry (Pink Jewels)  to ice cream cones or frozen yogurt (Swedes and  Haagen Dazs & 16 Handles).........from teen clothing to designer bags or shoes ( the Shoe Inn).....a great bagel (Livingston Bagel/Super Duper Bagels, Bagels 4U)..whether you need a  hammer (Karig's Hardware - has been around for ages!), eyeglasses or a new pair of shoes - from accessories to necessities...........Livingston has it all!!!!

Please contact me for more places to visit while in town, or for more information on any of the places  mentioned above!

Welcome to Livingston!!!

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