Autism Awareness

   New Jersey is one of the leaders in education and services for people with Special Needs and Autism, and many families move to New Jersey for their services. Cindy's son Robbie has Severe Autism. When he was diagnosed in 1992, it was virtually unheard of, and 5 in 10,000 boys had Autism. Now the statistics are a staggering 1 in 50 children born with Autism.

   Robbie attended the Developmental Learning Center run by the Morris Union Jointure Commission in New Providence. The Jointure consists of towns throughout Morris and Union Counties in New Jersey and children are bussed to their state of the art school for children with Autism from all over the state. Robbie is now an adult and attends a day program for adults with Autism. Cindy does a video blog called "Robbie and Me: Autism Reality" and advocates for the over 21 population. She also heads up a local support group for parents and families of children with Special Needs. 

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