Thinking of Renovating Your Home?

Thinking of doing some renovations that would bring the most value to your home? Call a Realtor, we can advise you on what will bring the most return on your investment. I've seen homeowners spend thousands on granite countertops only to bring attention to how bad the cabinets are. We can advise you on cost vs value, for instance, garage doors are the number one project a homeowner can do to recoup their investment. The Cost vs. Value survey evaluated the average $3,140 cost to replace a mid-range garage door with upscale door and found a $2,830 value of the project at home sale, which equates to a 90.1 percent return, making it the best remodeling project in terms of return on investment in the upscale home improvement category. For more information on home remodels, call us today.



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Carolyn Bardach

Carolyn Bardach

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