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front porch urn planter reds blacks lavender, coral bells

I know it’s not warm and sunny everywhere right now, but in the Pacific Northwest, we’ve had quite a stretch of beautiful Spring weather lately. It’s been a very welcome departure from our usual cold, Winter drizzle. The sunshine and balmy weather are inspiring thoughts of gardens and flowers, and there’s no better or quicker way to welcome Spring to your house than with lush containers overflowing with greenery and gorgeous flowers on your front porch. I bought some black fiberglass urns filled with fall foliage the week we moved into the Dream House. One of them still looks great, but the other has been completely taken over by midnight purple coral bells, and it looks like something straight out of the Haunted Mansion line at Disneyland! I think it’s high time they both had a Spring-worthy makeover. Here are some container garden looks I’m loving (click on the link beneath each photo for details)…

front porch urn planter hot pink chartreuse green
photo from Pocket Full of Posies Design

large urn planter hot pink purple container garden
photo from Serendipity Refined

front porch planter container garden green
photo from One Hundred Dollars a Month

front porch planter purple black chartreuse green
photo from Pocket Full of Posies Design

front porch urn planter geraniums pink red green
photo from Tundra Monkey Gardening


front porch urn planter red geranium creeping jenny
photo from Kasey’s Korner

window boxes geraniums
photo from Dirt Simple–Technically, these are window boxes, not urns on a front porch. But WOW!

front porch urn planters white green chartreuse
photo from Dirt Simple

patio garden chartreuse purple hot pink
photo from Dirt Simple

patio garden front porch urn planter white purple chartreuse
photo from Dirt Simple–This website is a goldmine!! Truly, such beautiful designs.

front porch urn planter patio garden hot pink chartreuse
photo from Power Flowers

front porch urn planter spring
photo from

–BHG has lots of great container garden ideas, and they’re all labeled! Each photo tells you exactly what plants you need, so there’s no guesswork. - 

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