Is your home really on the market!

At any given time there could be hundreds of homes listed in an area within a customer’s specifications. Out of those hundred’s buyers might narrow it down to ten with high hopes for only one or two of those homes being the one. As Real Estate agents it is our obligation to try our hardest to get buyers into these homes as stress free as possible. However if your house isn’t open for showing, then you’re not on the market. Being in this business a long time, I have run into 24 hour notice, must have listing agent accompany, weekends only, etc. but the reality of the matter is, this turns many potential buyers away. As much preparation as an agent can do things pop up, lives change, houses sell as quickly as new ones come on the market. Putting all of these specifications on your home narrows your audience.  Buying and selling homes is not the same as it used to be. With technology the real estate market is visible to all. In today's Real Estate world Buyers can pull up the homes  on the market open a  website such as Zillow and Trulia and click on showings. What does this mean for the Seller well you must be ready willing and able to show! Remember this may be the person that falls in LOVE with your home!

Beth Harding

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