A Journey through Color and Movement: RM Cimini Exhibition at the Gallery at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Montclair

“Journey – (noun) the act of traveling from one place to another.” – Merriam Webster

Many may think a journey solely implies physical travel, but there are no limits when it comes to the journey of the mind when it’s inspired. “Journey’s,” a solo exhibition by abstract artist RM Cimini, was the latest addition to the growing art enclave of the Gallery at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

The vibrant and colorful abstract series featured 29 pieces - many created over the last year and a half - carry you through Cimini’s own personal journey. It is a chance to meditate and pull you out of your day to day routine.

 “I am personally on a spiritual journey,” said Cimini. “I want to give everybody a chance to expand their [horizons]. Some [of the pieces] are more traditional landscapes, but all is a synthesis of experiences. It’s my reaction to the world.”

Many of Cimini’s abstract pieces, created from oil on oil paper, were very dream like and in constant motion; drawing the eye through the story of the canvas.

“There are obvious cues through color and shape and form, which gives you something to latch on to,” said Cimini. “You create your own experience. It helps people to find a place of peace when they see the work.”

In addition to her abstract work, there were beautifully rich and detailed straight landscapes, which still maintained the same movement, especially in the skies and the water.


“I took a lot of pictures of clouds; we had such fantastic skies this summer,” said Cimini, who spent the summer traveling including to Cape Anne, Rockport Maine. “I wanted to show all the light reflecting off the waters, through the trees.”

“I’m always looking for little [challenges] to open up and explore a little bit more,” she added. “One color leads to another, one shape leads to another. Vibrancy, energy, and movement is very important to me.”



A resident of Caldwell for 30 years and a membership coordinator for Studio Montclair, Cimini had a show at the gallery at Brassworks on Grove in Montclair, which is where she met Marjorie “Lynne” Oliver, co-director/curator for the Gallery at Berkshire Hathaway, and was invited to exhibit as an artist in residence.

“Part of the [job] of being the gallery director/curator is attending the other gallery openings,” said Oliver “It’s all about supporting the arts in Montclair.”

“[The gallery] is a beautiful space and a great opportunity,” said Cimini.



'I just want to see more of [Cimini] work,” said friend and co-worker Jim Robinson, who attended the exhibition opening reception on September 17, 2015.  “When she said they were having [this exhibit], I wanted to come.”

Robinson’s roommate Betsy Brown, who also attended and enjoyed the exhibition at the Gallery at Berkshire Hathaway, appreciated the symbiotic relationship between art and home buying.

“I think it’s a good set up, “ said Brown. “When you’re buying a new home and looking for inspiration [on how to decorate], I think it’s a good [merger] between the two. You look at the art and how it fits into a home.”  

RM Cimini’s “Journey’s” exhibition was on display from September 11th through October 31st.

Written By
Jessica Rosero
for Team Ellenbogen

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