I live in Franklin Township, Somerset, NJ. 08873. There are some beautiful homes in this town. This town is centrally located near major highways, transportation, shopping, Princeton & Rutgers Universities. Town has a State-of-the Art High School. One Middle School, and several Elementary Schools. Buyers that approach me are either looking to move out of town or do not want to live in Franklin. They stat "We have heard about the Schools. The Schools are not good.  We want to send our children to a good School System". This statement is the norm. I do share with them that my children went through this schools system and have done exceptionally well.  lt depends on the parent and their involvement in their child's education and life. Franklin has one of the most diverse population that is why it was nominated as the 5th BEST PLACE  to LIVE a few years ago. Franklin has population which varies financially from low income to very high income individuals. One of my buyer's stated "Oh! the average income of some families here will never change. That is a fact." Yet, I feel this is part of real America. My children learnt to deal with a diverse population. Today, as adults they are very successful because of their natural interaction with a mix.  I often wonder how can I change this biased attitude? 

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