The Second Busiest Season in Real Estate

During the very hectic Spring real estate season, there historically is a large increase in real estate activity, making it the busiest time of the year in real estate in this part of the country.  This includes both an increased number of homes for sale, as well as an increase in the number of buyers looking for homes.  When is the second busiest time in real estate one may ask?  It is coming up right after those lazy days of summer finally come to an end.   Some people call the period between Labor Day and the beginning of November the "Second Spring Season" for real estate.

While folks still are buying and selling in the July and August time period, the bulk of the summer's real estate activity is entered into by only the most serious of buyers and sellers. However, the "Second Spring" season brings out many more folks who although they may want to buy or sell, they really do not have to buy or sell. Given that the selection of homes is greater and there are more buyers looking, the pace of activity quickens.  Before the winter doldrums arrive in mid-November, we have a great opportunity for buyers and sellers to find their first dream home, trade up to meet new family needs, or even trade down as situations change. 

So, if you are seriously thinking about buying or selling, RIGHT NOW is the time to start preparing.  If you are a seller, get your home ready to show at its best.  A fresh coat of paint or power washing, some new landscaping, de-cluttering and a thorough cleaning all add dollars to the final sale price of a home.  If you are a buyer, it is also time for some preparatory work.  See a mortgage lender to get a loan pre-approval in place to make you the strongest buyer you can be.  Talk to them about how to improve your credit score by managing credit card debt, and clearing up any errors that may appear on your credit report. DON'T WAIT!  Some time spent now will yield big returns!

People buy and sell homes all year long, and each "real estate season" brings with it opportunities as well as challenges. So get ready as real estate competition heats up again.  I suggest you call your real estate professional and start the process today!!

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