Home Buyer Tip of the Day #7


The home inspection can be a daunting and enlightening part of the home buying process. Once you clear Attorney Review, you will set up a home inspection right away. Your home inspector will be looking for everything that is wrong with the home, but that doesn't mean that everything he or she finds will be actionable in terms of a credit. Most items noted by your inspector are for your own personal knowledge and will be taken care of some time after you have moved in.

However, there are a variety of actionable items that could either be fixed by the seller upon request or that could result in a credit back to you at closing. The main issues that are negotiable are foundational and structural elements of the home, mold or asbestos issues, underground oil tanks, outdated or poorly wired electrical, the roof, as well as a few others. As a buyer, you are looking for major issues.

Old appliances that still work, but are near their end of life are not usually negotiable items. As a buyer, you have to understand that you are buying a home that has been lived in and comes with wear and tear. Once the inspection is complete, you will talk with your agent and attorney and create either a punch list for the seller to do or a list of credits that you would like, after getting estimates done.

Two highly recommended supplementary inspections are a sweep for underground oil tanks and putting a camera down the sewer system. Wondering why? Feel free to contact me to talk about it.


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