A Cheerful Christmas Children's Celebration!

Santa Claus










Bloomfield Township’s Recreation Department truly went all out creating a lively and exciting children’s holiday experience on Saturday, December 10  from 12 noon to 3 at the Civic Center on 84 Broad Street.

photo-dec-10-1-11-47-pm The young boys and girls entered the building with great joy and enthusiasm as they feasted their eyes on quite the jolly and friendly Santa Claus, as well as all the creative and well thought out Christmas decorations constructed by the Recreation Department. Bloomfield’s Children’s Holiday Program was definitely a success. There truly was never a dull moment at the Civic Center that day. The children eagerly had their pictures with Santa taken and a mailbox was placed near one of the shimmering Christmas trees so they could drop off their letters to Santa. The youngsters munched on delicious goodies and sipped on the sweetest beverages as holiday movies were being played on a wide television screen for their entertainment. Face painting and arts-and-crafts were also available much to the young one’s delight. Many of them seemed very excited about the activities; the children of Bloomfield are quite the artistic and creative bunch. As if the amount of enjoyment that the Recreation Department had planned was insufficient, they also preparedsanta-with-children the event so that the activities that the little ones took part in were carried out in the most organized and efficient way possible. An example of this occurred when the workers gave each guest a number that would be called when it was their turn to have their picture with Santa taken. This strategy of not having to wait in a long and boring line allowed the children to spend their time participating in fun activities while their peers were having their pictures taken. The accompanying adults were especially pleased with and appreciative of this act of consideration. They, too, seemed to be enjoying the festivities that the Bloomfield’s Recreation Department arranged. Children are certainly not the only citizens of Bloomfield that have opportunities to be dazzled by the Township’s happenings and ideas. There are numerous events for all of residents to have a good time and to feel truly connected with members of the community. The Township of Bloomfield makes sure of that repeatedly by offering diverse activities and therefore, it has earned the reputation of being a very enjoyable place to live. Written by Marsha Monel For Team Ellenbogen Like us on Facebook, tweet us @teamellenbogen, visit our Google+ page, or follow us on Pinterestadult-at-christmas-celebration

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