Relationship Between Commutability and Real Estate

NJ Transit LinesIt’s no secret that there are many more jobs in cities rather than in rural towns, it has typically always been that way. However, There are many factors behind why people do not typically live in large cities, which include:




Many people do not want to live in big cities because of the limitations they have, specifically with price. It is very expensive to live in a city, most people cannot afford it, and those who can choose not to because they know they can get MUCH more real estate if living in a suburb on the outskirts of the city.

However, what makes our Central/Northern Jersey community so great is that there is typically a train station almost anywhere you go, there is even a correlation between prices of homes closer/further away from train stations. Those in proximity to railways that commute to New York City tend to be a bit higher in price than homes in towns without railway systems.

There are 10 major railways in New Jersey, 9 of which have routes that go to New York City. Some of our major markets that commute to New York include, but are not limited to: New Providence, Metuchen, Summit, Morristown, Basking Ridge, Bridgewater, Westfield, and Montclair.

New York City plays a vital role in the economy of many people from New Jersey, but they also want the aspects of affordability, comfort, and safety that some parts of New York City just don’t have; which is why commutability is so important for homeowners and why real estate and commutability is correlated.

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