A great time to list your property for sale!

As the bleak days of winter are apon us, many sellers tell us they are "waiting for spring" to list their home for sale.  It's true the real estate market is historically most active in the spring and buyers will be out shopping this year.  The low interest rates and our corrected pricing will give many buyers the opportunity to buy the home they have been dreaming of.

But why wait? There are many good reasons to get your home on the market now!

1. Inventory is low.  In our community there is limited inventory for buyers to choose from.  This makes each available home (including yours) more valuable. Economics 101.

2. Relocation buyers need to "buy now." Hiring is making an uptick. Thus companies are bringing employees from different regions to our area.  While many relocation candidates consider renting, the options are limited.  I've had several buyers in the past year who intended to rent, but then realized that buying was a better living option for them.  Put your house out there to be considered!

3. Pent up demand. Buyers have been tempted by the low interest rates for several months.  While they many have looked and even made offers on another home, there are calls coming in everyday to see the current homes. If your home is not listed you are missing these prospects. A property in our office recently received multiple offers including one that was $50,000 over the asking price, in January of 2013!

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