Vacation Homes: A Lasting Investment

The BeachA second home is a big decision, so why not make the practical one? New Jersey is home to thousands of conventional vacation properties. From the beach to the mountains, we have something for everybody.

However, are you ready for a vacation home? These are the types of questions you must ask yourself before making that lasting investment. Can I hold two mortgages? Do we go on vacation enough to have a second home there? If your answers to these questions are yes, then consider New Jersey.


Our company’s span goes as south as Monmouth and Ocean counties, with beautiful beaches in Asbury Park, Long Beach Island, Seaside Heights, Manasquan, etc. Even after the hurricane, these shore towns continued to build morale and support throughout their communities. Yes, having a beach house is a great responsibility, but think about every time you come down to the shore. Are you overpaying to rent a house for a week? Are you overpaying for a hotel? Are these summer rentals and hotels always booked up? Do you have to jam pack the car to fit in your family, luggage, surfboards, and beach gear? Consider an alternative, a second home conveniently near the beach, where you don’t have these worries.


The MountainsNot only do we have homes for sale in near the beach, but in the mountains as well! Sussex County is home to Mountain Creek Ski Resort, a terrific mountain home to 4 peaks, 41 trails, and fun for skiers and boarders of all ages! Are you tired of having to drive hours and hours home after a long day on the slopes? Are you tired of waking up at 5 a.m. just to beat the crowd getting to the mountain? If you had a home at the foothills of mountain, your commuting problems would be solved.

New Jersey is home to so many vacation amenities. Instead of spending thousands and thousands on travel and accommodations each year to the Caribbean, why not make a lasting and local investment? Somewhere you can go any weekend, somewhere you can really call home.

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